Henryk Stażewski. Late Style

The exhibition explores the life and work of one of Poland’s most significant artists. A pioneer in the European avant-garde of the 1920s and 1930s, Stażewski enjoyed a full and rich ‘second’ career in post-war Poland that lasted more than 40 years until his death in 1988.


The Latvian Collection

The exhibition The Latvian Collection presents the collection in its entirety for the first time since the 1950’s alongside eight new commissions by artists who have researched the collection. The exhibition highlights overlooked narratives within the collection and looks at new ways of accessing the historic collection as a moment in time.


Decolonial Ecologies. Understanding Postcolonial after Socialism

The exhibition aims to explore the complex entanglements of postcolonial and postsocialist imprints in contemporary society and culture in the Baltics and its neigbouring regions through the prism of environmental history and environmental changes, and the current ecological crisis.


Difficult Pasts. Connected Worlds

The difficult sides of national histories have often been neglected; instead, comforting stories are told that stress positive narratives and ways of overcoming challenges. This exhibition brings together difficult and often-silenced aspects of pasts that include violent conflicts, traumatic losses and their long-term legacies.


Beacon of Happiness

Jonas Žukauskas and Jurga Daubaraitė have created an augmented reality app that helps to tell the stories of the building of the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius. After downloading the app, you can scan the symbols that you find while walking around the building and see documents, photographs, flags, palm trees, and pieces of furniture popping up on your phone or tablet screen.



One of the projects presented in the context of “INHALE!” - the third edition of OFF-Biennale was RomaMoMA, a long-term collaboration between OFF-Biennale Budapest and the Berlin-based European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC). RomaMoMA embraced multiple exhibitions and public programs.