Reflections on Postocialist Ecologies

Reflections on Postocialist Ecologies

In August 2022, the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art held its eighth annual Summer School “Postsocialist Ecologies”, thematically linked to and acting as a prelude to the international contemporary art exhibition "Decolonial Ecologies".
This year, the Summer School addressed questions on how can revisiting the past help to understand and work with contemporary political and environmental crises? The Summer School programme addressed ecological issues through the lens of the Baltic region’s present and recent heritage, linking them to global processes and the context of decolonisation in the post-Socialist realm. 

As part of the Summer School, we invited all the lecturers and workshop leaders - researchers Egle Rindzevičiūtė, Linda Kaljundi, artists Diana Lelonek, Linda Bolšakova, Quinsy Gario, John Grzinich - to answer the same question:
What aspects of environmental and ecological concern that reflect post-socialist, postcolonial or decolonial perspectives are most important in your recent research? 

Linda Kaljundi

Egle Rindzevičiūtė

John Grzinich

Diana Lelonek

Quinsy Gario

Linda Boļšakova